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Life, Fone Review One of the top five most affordable companies we reviewed, Life, Fone received a perfect score for cost transparency and ranked highly in the starting costs category. With Life, Fone, customers will have a clear idea of how much they’ll be paying for medical alert monitoring and do not have to worry about surprise charges.

The portable device battery lasts 24 hours, and the device is waterproof and showerproof. Customers who choose this plan also receive an At-Home Cellular system. This is an all-in-one mobile device that is worn around the neck. There is no additional base station or portable device that users must carry with them.

The device costs $43. 95 a month - medical alert systems for seniors no monthly fee. Life, Fone is among the top three companies for having low starting costs. Life, Fone does not charge any device, installation, or activation fees for any of its devices. Some customers do have to pay shipping, which costs $14. 95, but there are no other one-time fees.

The At-Home Landline system costs $29. 95 a month when paid for on a monthly basis (emergency services). Users can save several dollars per month by paying quarterly or annually. Those plans cost $27. 95 a month and $24. 95 a month, respectively. Users who do not have a working landline in their home or prefer a cellular system pay an extra $5 a month for the At-Home Cellular system, bringing the price to $34.

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Quarterly and annual payment options are available and are slightly less expensive per month. The quarterly plan comes out to $32. 95 a month, and the annual plan costs $30. 95 a month. Life, Fone’s mobile systems are more pricey than some of its competitors. The less expensive of the two options, the At-Home & On-the-Go GPS, costs $39.

95 a month when paid for annually. Its other, more expensive mobile option costs $43. 95 a month with a monthly plan. While these systems are more expensive than mobile devices from some of Life, Fone’s competitors, Life, Fone’s zero starting fees help keep the systems affordable. Along with two other companies, Life, Fone is the best of the companies we reviewed for cost transparency.

The website also has an extensive FAQ section. Some of Life, Fone’s add-ons are more expensive than other medical alert companies. Fall detection costs $10 a month, the industry average - cheapest medical alert systems. But, Life, Fone charges an additional $9 a month for on-demand location tracking for its mobile devices, which some competitors include for free.

Medical Care Alert Review Medical Care Alert offers four different systems, including in-home and mobile options, all at affordable prices. It received one of the top scores for having the most affordable starting costs, and earned a perfect 10/10 for the cost of add-ons devices. Customers looking to get the most value for their money may find Medical Care Alert to be a good option.

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Rather than including a standard wearable help button, the system comes with a portable component with a built-in two-way speaker and personal help button. Users of HOME & YARD can speak with them directly through the portable device. They must still be within 600 feet of the base station, making this device ideal for gardeners or those who enjoy spending time on their porch.

95 a month, and is compatible with automatic fall detection for an additional $10 a month. Medical Care Alert does not charge any device, activation, or installation fees for any of its devices. However, some customers do have to pay $12 for shipping. The shipping fee is waived for customers who choose semi-annual or annual payment options.

Medical Care Alert’s in-home systems start at $29. 95 for the landline-based HOME system (if customers pay annually, the monthly price is discounted to $27. 45 per month). This is a slightly higher-than-average price for the industry. Those without a landline must pay an extra $5 a month for the HOME-3G system, which uses AT&T’s cellular network.

Unlike most other medical alert companies, Medical Care Alert does not initially offer monthly payment. Users must first sign up for quarterly, semi-annual, or annual payments. After one of those cycles is complete (for example, one quarter), customers can then switch to month-to-month payments. Since this information is not outlined on the website, potential customers will likely have to speak to a sales representative for clarity. alert system.

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ranked. Like many other companies, fall detection costs an additional $10 a month. What makes Medical Care Alert stand out is the low cost of its lockboxes and wall-mounted buttons (elderly medical alert systems). Both of these devices are available for purchase, making them much more affordable in the long run than paying a monthly rental fee.

The system uses AT&T’s cellular connection, so no landline is required. The base station has a range of 600 feet and a 30-hour backup battery, and the waterproof wearable help button may be worn as a pendant or wristband. Home Guardian costs $34. 95 a month with a monthly or quarterly payment plan, or $32.

The Mini Guardian costs $39 - base station. 95 per month, and prospective customers should be aware that there is a one-time equipment cost of $124. 95. The Mobile Guardian costs $44. 95 a month, or about $41 a month with an annual payment plan. The portable device uses AT&T’s cellular network and has built-in GPS technology.

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Mobile Guardian’s battery life is 24 hours. The Active Guardian is another portable device that uses AT&T’s cellular network. In addition to GPS, this device also uses Wi, Fi signals to aid in location tracking. It is a waterproof, all-in-one device with a built-in two-way speaker and personal help button, and a battery life of 5 days.